Saturday, October 1, 2011

Uffda......has it really been this long?!?!

Happy Tuesday readers! :) OOPS I mean Saturday-I think I started this on a Tuesday about a month ago!

I honestly cannot believe how long it has been, I was really trying to be a better blogger, however in the process I did worse (was that even possible?!?!) I know some of you are thinking, "really what does this woman do all day, after all she is a stay at home mom? Between watching soap operas, laying on the couch and eating bon-bons she should have a few minutes to blog."

Well yes you basically described my life in a nut shell, however, minus the soap operas and put in Barney or Dinosaur Train, take out laying on the couch and put in CHASING (let me tell you this kid can move) an 19 month old and delete eating bon-bons and put in grabbing a bite of macaroni and cheese when I have a minute. Still not impressed? Then I challenge you to come to our house for a day and see what its like! :) To be honest we are just busy living and LOVING every single minute of it! :)

It is hard to believe I have been in my new job for almost 7 whole months now. A few things I miss from working are: taking a 10 minute state ordered morning and afternoon break, going to the bathroom with the door closed, eating lunch in peace and only having to clean up myself after and when my work day is done closing the computer and walking away from my job! :) Anyone who has gone from being a career woman to a SAHM understands all of the above. I no longer have a 401K, vacation days, sick days, flex time or the option of promotion (unless you count this baby boy coming in November as a promotion!) :)

However without the above "benefits" I believe I am MUCH better off. On a recent Sunday evening I had a moment where I missed "working" and had an in depth conversation with Kameron about my feelings. I was just jealous of some of the women I know, however this is the BEST situation for our family. I know many working moms who would love to stay home with their kids, however that is not an option. I am very blessed to have a husband who can support us and I am able to do the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! :) And we are busy, and we love it! As I recalled things I miss from working, you have no idea how many million things I would miss from not staying home with Kynlee and any future kids that come along! :)

That being said, what have we been doing since my last post (lets not mention how blasted long ago!) hmmmmm....we have been doing tons of things! :) I decided to sum up our lost time with 11 things that have kept us busy!

11 Summer Activities

1. vAcAtIoN!!!
We did not take any BIG family vacations this year. Between NUMEROUS trips to Bismarck (not relaxing, usually appointments!), a couple stops in Tioga, the Tangedal family reunion in Epping, Fargo with my Mother-in-Law, Medora with my parents and Kamerons, and a VERY relaxing trip to Sioux Falls with my husband (Kynlee stayed at G & G P's house!) I have no idea where our summer went! :) Although I do know, we enjoyed it!!! :)

I know our "dog days" will have a different meaning than most, I am okay with that! :) Kameron & I talked back in March what to do about Sadie Mae. She was our black cocker spaniel that we got in November of 07. She was our baby and she knew it. So when Kynlee came home from the hospital we hoped life would continue as normal and they would be the best of friends. Well this did NOT happen. Kynlee LOVED Sadie, however Sadie did not love Kynlee. :( We tried MANY methods to have them get along, but nothing seemed to work right. Sadie did not harm Kynlee, just did not like her at all! So we talked to our dear friend Erin, who has LOVED Sadie from the beginning. She agreed to give Sadie the loving home that she deserved. We were dog-less for about a month and fell in love with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Poodle mix who we named Dottie. She is a VERY good dog, just a puppy and I think we need more training than she does! :) LOL! However the sweetest part is Kynlee LOVES her and she LOVES Kynlee!!! That is what matters! Not to mention Sadie is the happiest she has EVER been!

3. OH BOY!
I begged and pleaded with Kameron that we could find out the sex of this baby.....when I say begged, I honestly did!!! We had guessed boy from the beginning, so we were happy to confirm that there is indeed a little man growing inside of me! :) We brought my mom, my sister Emy, my cousin Shelby, my grandma Carol and Kameron's mom Rusty into the ultrasound room to share the moment with us! We didn't care whether this babe was a boy or girl, we just wanted a healthy one! And so far he is looking great and I am feeling great, just REALLY tired!!! We are planning on doing a name that starts with a "hard c" or K sound, so if you have any suggestions we will take them. I would say we are about 90% sure on a name but we will keep that a secret until baby gets here!!! :)

Well we decided to have a garden this year. I can grow plants very well, so I figured a garden would be SOOOOO easy. Turns out they take a lot of work! :) Next year we will be more prepared. Kameron did most of the work but the heat was ALWAYS a factor for me to get out there and work the garden. We did get a few items, however we lost quite a few plants too. Oh well lesson learned.... :)

We have our mini van of course (which I agree is the most uncool car invented, however I know now that I could totally not live without it!!!) and then we were still driving our Journey and Kamerons work car Betty (Chevy Lumina named Betty Beater because of her hail damage!). We decided to sell Betty to a coworker of Kamerons and just have him drive the Journey. However we knew with winter coming we would need a 4 wheel drive vehicle. So we bucked up and traded the Journey in on a truck for Kameron. He is VERY happy with it and I enjoy it also, its a pretty sharp vehicle! :)

6. GOLF!
I love my husband! When I married him almost 5 years ago, I knew that he liked cars, derbying, nascar and wasn't a big fan of any other sports. He is becoming more of a baseball fan and follows the high school and college football scores almost as much as me. However I was not ready for his newest adventure....GOLF! My dad Tim started playing golf a couple years ago and decided that he would keep mentioning it to Kameron that he should try it. In the past Kameron and I talked about taking lessons and seeing if we liked it. Well it turns out KAMERON LOVES IT! :) Which is great, it gives him an outlet. he has gone out a few times with friends and any time he and Tim are together, they are scouting for courses to conquer! I have also caught him watching the golf channel from time to time.....scary!

We had my parents come for Labor Day weekend and help us get the babies room ready! I should clarify, my dad and Kameron golfed all weekend long, while my mom and I painted! :) Emy watched my nephew Ashur and Kynlee so we could get a lot done. Kameron did help paint part of the boarder, however that was about it! However with only 6 weeks until baby comes it is a nice feeling to have the room painted and ready. We just need to bring the furniture out of the basement and then we should be set! I am not sure if you are ever 100% for baby, but we are doing our best! :)

Now some of you will tell me that 3 is worse than 2. To be honest, I don't even want to hear that from you yet! :) After all, Kynlee is only 19 months. I mean seriously how can she be showing "terrible 2" behavior already?! Who is this monster child! Yesterday I told her to get out of the bathroom, she wasn't listening, so I shut the door. This began a 15 minute major fit. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Kicking the door, laying on the floor crying, throwing the couch pillows.....I mean come on kid, spare me! Unfortunately for Kynlee she gets her determination from both sides of her family and I am still convinced the drama, bossy behavior, and strong will is from her dad's side, however I am afraid she is a little mini-me!

Not that I can't escape from her to get a blog done now and then, but typically when she is napping, I AM NAPPING! She wears me out! She goes by many names (always has!) Sal, Sally, Kyner-bug, Bugs, Baby Girl, just to name a few, and she seems to listen to any and all of them! :) When I have her in the office with me (and I am trying to get ANYTHING done) I might as well have a group of preschoolers in here touching everything! I know she is curious and wants to learn, however some days I need a little quiet time on the computer myself! Our lap top is out of commission right now as Dottie decided the cord was yummy and chewed it up, while it was plugged in-how she didn't get shocked, I will never know. So when Kynlee is down for a rest, and I choose not to rest I come down to the laundry or computer and typically fb, email or check the bank account. Sorry but the blog has been last lately (I gotta work on changing that!) :)

Well we all know I can talk, NO secret there! Kynlee does a lot of jabbering that we have NO CLUE what she is saying. She has taken after her father in the way that she gets REALLY nervous in public and doesn't say much then. However at home and in the car we are always working on words to say. I know some of you might see Kynlee and wonder why she isn't saying more, but I am afraid once she starts getting actual words out, she is not going to stop! :) (remind you of anyone!) Anyhow her favorite word is DOT-DOT. She says it every morning when I go to get her up, she is referring to the dog. I would appreciate if she would say mom, however that has not happened! She also says, "bumpa" meaning grandpa, but wont come near grandma yet! (my dad Tim loves rubbing that in!) Other than that, she says quite a few other little words, and will do please "peeeese" and thank you "ank ooo" when we ask. Either way if she is saying a lot of words or not, she is not afraid to let us know what she wants! :)

I am happy to say that we are a week bottle free in this house. REALLY hard to imagine as I thought it would never happen. It is funny because Kynlee did just fine, it was her parents who had a hard time letting go. Now I know some of you are reading this and are shocked that we let our almost 19 month old child have a bottle so long. Well get over it! :) Each family is different and each family has to do what is best for them. This is how it was for us. Please no msgs as to how your child was 2 days old, bottle free, writing a novel, driving a car and won Miss America! :) Not to mention potty trained! HA! I get it, your child is perfect! Mine is too, its just her parents who are not! ;) Either way we are bottle free and she didn't even bat an eye, we had a couple struggles at nap time, but she rocked it. She is an all-star!

Now I must confess I am not nesting as much with this baby as I did with Kynlee. When I was pregnant with Kynlee I am pretty sure I rearranged the ENTIRE house (ask Kameron, he couldn't find a spoon in our kitchen!) I am better this time. I did move most of the toys out of our upstairs living room into Kynlee's room, and have changed the bathroom cupboard around a dozen times, but I have been pretty tame. We shall see how the next 5.5 weeks go, I may really turn into the crazy lady (no comments there!) I try to keep things pretty organized around here, but with a toddler, a dog and a husband -also a prego lady who can be pretty lazy at times! -sometimes it gets hard to do. :)

Well there ya go, that is what has kept me busy for (lets not mention how long) and I am okay with that. :) As I said, we have about 5.5 wks left before this boy gets here, if you have name suggestions, drop them to me! Otherwise, please keep us in your prayers that all remains healthy and happy! We now start weekly visits involving an ultrasound each time. With each appt it will probably be around 2 hrs long, as the baby has to pass all 8 points on the ultra sound or I come back later in the week-NO FUN! and no pressure of course! :)

I WILL blog again before we have him, some how the summer got away from me! :) Hopefully yours was full of sunshine and memories, I know mine was! :)

Thank you for reading, even if it became a novel! :) Much love!

Make it a great day!!!

Cass :)

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